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October 4, 2016 gestor
PAULA FRANCO is a Spanish handbags brand. The entire collection is produced by skilled craftsmen in Spain and the leather used in our collections is treated with a minimum finish in order to maintain its essence and natural beauty.

All products are designed by its creator and founder, who receives the same name as the brand, Paula Franco.

The brand offers a wide collection that is divided into two lines:
An interchangeable handbags line and a unique design handbags line.

The interchangeable collection is designed under an innovative concept that allows to change, through zippers, snaps or buckles, the shape, size and/or color anytime you want. So that through different pieces, that you can purchase separately, you can get several bags in one with different styles.
The unique design handbags line, there is nothing you can exchange, complement her collection. You can find from casual style handbags as the backpacks for example to more sophisticated ones, that you can wear even to attend to a dressed up event.
The brand started in 2013 and has conquer many celebs in Spain from the fashion and filming industry as well as fashion editors from Vogue, Elle, Woman, In Style, etc.
Pau was born in The Netherlands and raised between Madrid and Seville, she is 32 years old. After having been working on the marketing, publicity and strategic planning areas she decided to move to Milan and start in the fashion industry by studying Patternmaking and Collection Developement.Nowadays the designer is still developing her revolutionary concept and designing new pieces that complement her collection. She takes care of every detail in order to get the highest quality and to build a brand under a cared minimal image. 

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